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Custom 3D Printing and CAD modelling

Printing custom parts for Canberrans since 2020

More than 360 successful prints.
43 days, 21 hours of printing time
Over 14.5 kg of parts printed

Our Services

What we can do for you

Model your broken parts

We can create a 3d model from your broken parts. We are able to print anything under 150mm

Print from a 3d file

We can print from an STL, OBJ or pretty much any 3D file format.


We can print resin miniatures for DND or warhammer. These models have incredible quality to allow for small details.

Mechanical parts

We can print in ABS plastic. This is useful for prints that will be used outdoors or for more rough applications.



ABS+ is a tough, and rigid plastic best used in prints that will be used everyday.
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TPU is a rubbery plastic best used for parts that require a flexible plastic
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Resin is for high precision prints.
Resin is more brittle than other plastics and can crack if dropped. 
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What People Say About us

First rate service for a product (banjo thumbpicks) that work really well

John Taylor

Great service and good communications throughout project. Nathan produced some very nice 3D copies of a part I needed. Will use again

Andrew McPhillips

Nathan provided a timely and professional service and I highly recommend his business. Nathan was more than happy to provide alternate solutions to suit my needs and I will definitely go back for my 3D printing needs.

Andrew McGorum


How you can reach us


Duffy, ACT